Sunday, March 4, 2012

Don't Call Me Gay, You Fag!!!!

I'm not gay, don't call me gay!  Don't call ANYONE gay!  What's that you say?  But you are gay?  Well you are just as guilty sometimes.  You see, in the last eight months, we have seen many GLBT strides towards equality and that's a good thing.  But the comments from both GLBT supporters and GLBT's themselves is disgraceful.

In these stories there are comments sections.  Inevitably, regardless of whether or not the article is pro-GLBT, anti-GLBT, religious, non-religious, there is an absolutely certainty that someone standing with the community tries to insult someone by calling them gay.

Yes, the evervescent people who want so much equality are trying to rile the hateful (or even borderline intelligent anti-views with no disrespect in them) by saying "You must hate gays, therefore you are gay".  Because they know it will rile them. They will use it as an insult trying to get under the poster's skin.  Do you realize how stupid you sound when you do this?  The message you send is this:
"We want to be treated equal and "gay" shouldn't be a negative word, but since you don't agree with me, I can use it as an insult to you!  I'm going to use it to question your manhood!"
 This is absolutely appalling to me.  I 100% stand with my GLBT friends and family for equal rights.  I do NOT stand with them to have "better" rights (as some groups want to do) nor do I stand with them if they choose to take insult with someone being crass by insulting them with a word like faggot, just so they can basically say the same thing back to them trying to get under their skin.  Still not with me?

Kirk Cameron has recently and infamously said he doesn't believe in homosexuality and that it is a sin.  And you know what... that's FINE with me.  That is what he believes.  Just as you believe it isn't and it exists.  I've even seen arguments that "Our soldiers fought for his right to free speech before they fought for the rights for gays to marry!!"  As a wholly military woman by love, family and marriage - the men of my family fought for the rights of ALL.  Everyone, big and small, gay and straight, black or white.  But that free speech comes as people say "Well Cameron is a closet gay!" because he denies it.  Some say "He doth protest too much".  But he's believed strongly in Christianity for quite some time and it's not exactly a stretch that we all know how many Christians feel.  That is their right.  But to attack Cameron by using the very insult people claim to say is so wrong... that's NOT right.

Here are some examples meant to attack Kirk Cameron in a story posted today:

Now, GLAAD is promising to literally stalk him and pretend like they will have an impact by their statement:

"[He is]out of step with a vast majority of Americans, particularly people of faith who believe that their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters should be loved and accepted based on their character and not condemned because of their sexual orientation.

[We] plan on monitoring Cameron's media bookings and various acting gigs to ensure the news and entertainment industry is aware of his outrageous anti-gay views."
Well gee, they certainly don't like Westboro following people around spouting anti-GLBT views (and they are quite a sick bunch) but GLAAD is the exact opposite end of the spectrum these days, demanding everyone and their brother give them apologies NOW NOW NOW NOW for anything remotely, possibly or borderline GLBT related.  Frankly, since he's been in Christianity, is a regular on several Christian networks (and has been for a couple decades now along with his other celeb sister Candace Cameron Bure) - it's not like they are trumpeting anything the entertainment industry didn't already know.

Just as stalking him like crazy, fanatics trying to make his life miserable (while anyone else who does the same must be blasted and an apology demanded), so is calling him "gay" to drive home some sort of point.

UPDATE:  With Obama's recent support of gay marriage in this election year, the comments are going even farther, both the right and the left are jumping in on what was really more of a religious debate rather than political.  These comments above are almost saintly compared to what I'm seeing now.

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