Thursday, April 14, 2011

Selling Babies and Planned Parenthood

The hoopla over the recent budget cuts to Planned Parenthood got me to thinking about several things.  Why the hypocrisy and how do we stop abortions?  No, not stop as in legal outlaw it, but stop as in cut down the occurance.  My idea, sell the babies.  No, not in the way you think.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

I Witnessed Autism and I Want to Be a Better Mother

On Sunday, April 10th, more than a month late, we finally got around to Jaykob's birthday party.  Circumstance led us to not being able to do it any sooner.  In our new neighborhood, our next door neighbors seemed very nice and on Saturday, we invited them over for cake and ice cream as they had a little boy and girl about my older son's ages.  We told them gifts weren't necessary, it was informal and it was last minute for them.

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Parental Perusings

While I deal with what can only be the craziest period in my life, people often either think what I'm going through is unimaginably easy or incredibly difficult.  Both are right.

We are in the midst of a 3 bedroom tiny apartment, waiting to close on a new home.  After having a son diagnosed with bipolar disorder over a year ago, we have started seeing the medication not be as effective.  So, not so much trouble, but I was pregnant with twins so we needed to put our 2 year old in daycare.  Okay, not a big deal - except either between the apartment's condition (only known after living here) or the daycare environment, he's constantly sick with fevers and some array of accompanying side effects.

So again, not too much to handle, then shortly after our move and while still unpacking the necessities for our apartment, I needed to go to the hospital.  At 23 weeks, my babies were diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  They were so far along, they were hours from death.  Basically, one twin (the donor) was being sucked dry of his blood and nutrients by the other (the recipient).  Donor had no fluid around him to process, so he was suffocating slowly, could not digest and his bladder was almost gone and he was stuck to the uterine wall like he was shrink wrapped.  The recipient, for lack of better description was drowning in too much fluid and his heart was starting to beat backwards.  I was whisked away to Miami for a surgery by a world-renowned doctor.  Any other time or place in my life, I would have lost them because I could never have made it in time.

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