Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony - Opinion of the Jury (Updated)

Update Below
I must first preface anything I say in that I believe the evidence showed Casey was guilty.  That said, I've always taken great pride in my ability to see both sides of the coin.  I present the coin in the air.  I don't think there is another side to the coin in this case, just a coin flipping, maybe just enough to avoid murder one.  I also strongly feel the jurors knew they were going to cash in.  Scott Peterson's jury wrote a book that became a top seller - those who wanted to, could stay anonymous.  I won't lay out the case by details, there's plenty of blogs and articles out there already who have.  I raise some serious questions however, based on the evidence, the jury's comments and what we do know.  The trial happened an hour away.  The jury lives in my county.

Caylee Anthony 2005-2008
The world was shocked by Casey Anthony's not guilty verdict, and I mean the world.  Just in my very limited understanding of vernacular and prose of other languages and some minor words - comments not in English were pretty much the same as those who were.  Unfortunately, the comments sections of news stories are some of the very same people who insisted on her guilt, saying "oh, uhm, yeah, I knew that".  Juror's paid media appearances after the fact may show some serious incompetence and underlying motives.

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