Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I Sympathize With Gaddafi

You can call me whatever you want for this piece.  You'll read it, probably be outraged, call me un-American, and shout "How dare she?"  My purpose is to make you think.  We've lost humanity and America and the world have become the biggest hypocrites than any of our and other countries ancestors.  Hypocrisy is my peeve.  I'll go through some histories it's rather long and interesting, but jump to his murder, sympathy and hypocrisy if you want to get to why I sympathize with him.

Colonel Moammar Gaddafi (who has about 100 versions of his name out there - here, he will go by MG) was something else.  The traveling tent with his camel, the crazy outfits, and he was a dictator.  Dictator derives direct negative connotations today.  Oh no!  Bad man rules a country and no one can stop him!  Did you know Saudi Arabia is under dictatorship?  Oh wait, they are of noble blood, it's "monarchy".  I have a problem with anyone who isn't privileged being labeled a tyrant off the bat (like the US did when he took over the country in the first place).  Apparently, having loads of cash can buy you favor in the world too!  In fact, there are quite a few countries left in rule of a monarchy or dictatorship, but they are too strong, give us free stuff, or their country doesn't have anything cool so we don't want to deal with them.