Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mendenhall - Hypocrite Misogynist Hiding Behind God

Update: Yes, there was a non-statement statement from the Steelers.  Nothing of importance and due to the lockout, I doubt we'll see much since they can't speak to Mendenhall.  At this point, all I can imagine is an agent somewhere SCREAMING his head off and, given Mendenhall's propensity of enjoyment in controversy, a spoiled brat laughing (via a previous tweet about seeing if he should just burn all the money he has made).

I saw this happen live last night and seeing the backlash this morning from some media outlets, they are not covering the angles I want to.  Last night, Rashard Mendenhall of my beloved Steelers decided to use his Twitter to voice some controversial opinions about 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden.  Of course, if you haven't heard,Osama's dead.

Despite some stories, this IS Mendenhall's verified account.  It's verified by Twitter and it's also acknowledged by other players and the Steelers official account.  Now, with that said, Mendenhall, quit hiding behind God to judge others.  Let's first look at an offending tweet of last night:

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Oh gee, what kind of person?  There is a moral question to this, but what kind of person celebrates is going to be most likely the mothers of those babies that are dead.  The fathers of the sons who bled to death on the battlefield.  The brothers and sisters of the men and women who charged the stairs of the towers saving others.  Or people like me, who's family history has sacrifices of time in the military service so your multi-million dollar ass can tweet about our celebrations.  But for someone so "enlightened", you've only heard one side?  Are you so stupid about world events that you can claim you've only heard one side, that 9/11 was an inside job but you've never seen a single one of the tapes that Bin Laden has released over the years? (From transcripts)

"I am certain of what I say, because I was responsible for entrusting the 19 brothers – Allah have mercy upon them"

There's an entire list of "his side".  Enlighten yourself, jerk.

I would like to point out, thanks to Twitter user RGDJ - a passage from Proverbs 11:10 - When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, [there is] shouting.

Ah the God card.  So... you are judging us.  You talk down to us, you are a misogynist (more on that later), but hey, it's cool, you've played the God card!  Since you've already played the slavery card, gotta move on, right?  And neither an aside, if God is the only judge, then those who don't follow shall live as they please and cheer as they please in their lives, and their actions are to be judged by God, therefore, their cheering is not to be condemned by you.

All that again aside, God judges the soul.  We judge the mortal.  It is written an eye for an eye (apropos here for Bin Laden's death shot) as God sees the need for lawful enforcement.  The just cannot become just if they do not protect the vulnerable from the unjust, which includes the needs for judgment and punishment.  Okay, rant done.

He knows my heart.  He knows it's in the right place.  I don't question how he makes me feel or the pride he put into me to protect my country, my children and his.  So don't you question MY relationship with him or judge me, you judgmental judger!
Soooo Mr. R - do you think Jesus gets good blowjobs or should he grab another ho and cheat on his girl if he doesn't?

Or maybe God spoke through your heart to talk about girls being gross but they'll get all nasty?  I bet God LOVES that tweet!  You think he follows you all the time?  Or maybe he just checks his mentions only and you're safe hiding behind him.

You have the "right" to say what you want.  Just as I do.  But you are getting paid big fat bucks (normally) to do something you claim to love, representing a company - a brand.  What you make sitting around in the off season, most of us will never see in a lifetime, and we are sitting here during the lockout watching you all bicker over BILLIONS.  You take for granted everything and you still managed to knock the small things in our lives that give us comfort - our safety and freedoms.  You are a representative of an NFL super team.  A team that generally has a very clean PR image.  The Rooney family has done A LOT for the families affected by the crash in Shanksville, how DARE you disrespect that.  Have your opinions, do it anonymously.  Don't do it on a name made because you can handle a ball, paid for by a family who has respect and love for the game and the country.  People died in 9/11.  Thousands of soldiers from all over the world have died since.  You are ONE man, but you are one man, who will no longer get respect from this die-hard Steelers fan.

Then again - it's all a joke to you, right?
March 26th after other controversial comments

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Steve said...

Mendenhall is crazy! He needs to just shut up and get ready for the upcoming NFL season (if there is one).